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Update rollup

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Update rollup Empty Update rollup

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 05, 2009 6:48 am

Better late than never.

Please make those fortresses work at last. Smile

- Added Oracle and Chest to Baylor Spawn.
- ADDED Full Hellbound Zone
- Fixed Crystal Cavern Raid Boss crash Issue.
- Lowered mirage rate effect.
- Added Npc Alarm for Raid Boss Baylor.
- Added Skill Announcement of Death (Hellbound mob).
- Fixed Dragon Bomber speed.
- Added Baylor teleport to Parme.
- Fixed Some Triclass Summon Skills.
- Lethal Strike Fixed.
- Mirage skill fixed.
- Fixed aquiring Divine Transformation Skill

- Added Baylor spawn.
- Added Black and White Evil shard.
- Baylor Chest Added.

- Fixed Kamael Guild Rune Township.
- Fix spectral lord.
- Fixed Kamael Guild Goddard.
- Added : Steam Corridor Instance
- Added Blacksmith lahm despawn time.
- Added Crystal Cavern Instance
- Baylor stats updates.

- Implemented Dark Water Dragon as Retail.
- Fixed item Spirit of The Lake.
- Updated drop for Raid Tears/Darnel/Kechi.
- Final fix for fafurion_kindred.
- Added monster looter system (mobs will pick up drops from the ground after a period of time:) )


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