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Update Rollup June 2009

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Update Rollup June 2009 Empty Update Rollup June 2009

Post by gold on Fri Jun 05, 2009 12:22 am

high time to catch up with the server updates -here we go!

Catalin wrote:

- Queen Ant bug fix.
- Seed of Chaos quest added(RETAIL KAMAEL SUBCLASS SYSTEM).
-Fixed rift distance check.
- Fixed rift for check party member distance.
- Added norils garden
-Fixed skill storm assault1.
-Fixed skill strike back.
-Added missing html for Seed of Chaos quest
- Correct time/date for feature: "On Saturdays and Sundays from 8 PM to 12 AM, gatekeeper teleport fees decrease by 50%."
- Added html for kamael subclass.


- Added Skill Imbue Dark Seed effect.
- Fixed Hero Skills with static reuse.
- Fixed Skill Blade Rush.
- Fixed Skill Blessing of Protection.
- Fixed Skill Restoration abnormal.
- Fixed Skill Restoration Impact effect.
- Fixed Skill Rush as retail.
- Fixed Skill Rush Impact.
- Fixed Skill Soul Strike magic level.
- Fixed Skill Storm Assault.
- Fixed Skill Wing Assault.
- Fixed Skills Aggression - Aura of Hate with static reuse.
- Fixed some Dynasty magic weapon.
- Fixed all slow skills attribute.
- Rush effect fixed.
- Fixed Rind Leather Gloves for kamael equip
.- Fixed Transformation Skills with static reuse.
- Fixed transformation dispel bug.
- Fixed Skills Augmentation Active with static reuse.
- Fixed Rogue Ability Critical Chance critical bug.
- Fixed Skill Celestial Shield abnormal.
- Added all html files for skill enchant.
- Fixed Skill Celestial Shield abnormal.
- Seed Of Chaos quest (retail version ) in progress

- Fixed Skill Over the Body can be used when CP is more than 80%
- Fixed Skill Create Dark Seed
- Fixed Skill Blessing of Eva Effect.
- Fixed Skill Harmony of Noblesse usable only on the battlefield
- Fixed Skill Symphony of Noblesse usable only on the battlefield
- Fixed Skill Inner Rhythm effect
- Fixed Skills Arrest, Shackle, Mass Shackling attribute
- Fixed Skill Shield of Faith abnormal
- Fixed Skill Knight Ability Defense abnormal
- Fixed Skill Warrior Ability Haste abnormal
- Fixed Skill Rogue Ability Critical Chance abnormal
- Fixed Skill Summon Ability Spirit abnormal
- Fixed Skill Mystic Immunity abnormal
- The re-use time for the following skills is not affected by the caster's Casting Speed: Invocation, Celestial Shield, Salvation, Soul of the Phoenix, Symbol of Defense, Symbol of Noise, Symbol of Resistance, Symbol of Honor, Symbol of Energy, Symbol of the Sniper, Symbol of the Assassin, Volcano, Cyclone, Raging Wages, Day of Doom, Gehenna, Anti-Summoning Field, Purification Field, Miracle, Flames of Invincibility, Mass Recharge.
- Fixed Skill Clarity Power with new effect (decreases MP consumption for song/dance skills)
- Added Skill Seal of Blockade effect
- The chance to evade critical damage has been added to the Light Armor Mastery skill that can be learned by Rogues, Elven Scounts, Assassins, and Monks.
- Added Skill Warp effect
- Fixed Skill Enuma Elish soul consume
- Fixed Skill Voice Bind soul consume
- Fixed Skill Soul Cleanse soul consume
- Fixed Skill Lightning Shock soul consume
- Fixed Skill Rush Impact soul consume
- Fixed Skill Soul Vortex abnormal
- Fixed Skill Soul Vortex Extinction operate condition
- Added Skill Shift Target effect
- Fixed Skills Hurricane Armor, Fire Armor, Frost Armor abnormal
- Added Skill Blink effect
- Fixed Skill Pride of Kamael
- Added Skill Ultimate Defense New Enchant Route.
- Fixed Life Stone Level 82 Default Price


- Added Evas Gift Box ai.
- Added Water Dragon Detractor.
- Added some missing drop.
- Spirit of the lake item fix.
- Fixed Lightning Shock target type.
- Fixed Voice Bind debuff duration.
- Little Fix for Clan Luck Skill.
- Fixed Pledge skill acquire.
- Fixed Skill Enuma Elish.
- Added Skill Expose Weak Point effect.
- Fixed Dialog Walk of Fate quest.
- Fixed Dialog In search of the nest quest.
- Added Coral Garden Door.
- Fixed Gate of Splendor Door.
- Pet fix exp value.
- Fix for AdenCastle stairs siege summon bug.
- Fix for trasformation.
- Fix for Cursed Weapon.

ADDED .dat files protection

lolkamaels getting pr0? Cool

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