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Update Rollup 23.-31. Oct 2009

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Update Rollup 23.-31. Oct 2009 Empty Update Rollup 23.-31. Oct 2009

Post by gold on Sat Oct 31, 2009 10:54 am

it appears to be quite a busy time for our devs- well winter is nearing and that means supposingly "gaming time". Very Happy
lots of updates on hellbound, multibuysell for shops (at last), offline shops now as premium feature (1 year ofline shop for 6 euro), lots of skil fixes, more login slots, .. oh yea and fortresses at last (lets recruit moar Very Happy)...

- Added Baylor soul crystal level up to stage 14.
- Setting up to start Fortresses ; First time will run one time per week

- Medals Event Started
- Boost Wrath srv max cap with 600 more slots due increasing of server population lately and thanks to premium users that support the server and monthly bills .
- Added quest Jude's request.
- Offline Shop time for a ticket changed to 24h .
- Offline shop tickets will be added as a payed service : 600 points(6 euro) = 1 year(365 tickets) offline shop service (kinda perm ; see more in USER CP ) ;
- Added quest New Horizons.
- Fixed Kamael Hero Weapons.
- Fixed Beleth's Ring as retail.
- Fixed Skill Soul Sucking (Final Form).
- Fixed Dynasty Breastplate Bard Bonus.
- Added quest Relic Exploration.
- Fixed Item Evil Weapon for quest Jude's Request.
- Fixed Market Instance hellbound stage 10.

- Fixed AOE skills (cyclone etc) as retail .

Fixed : "Olympiad: players register on class-based matches, but then server calls randomly
-Added ab_counterattack.
- Added Dynasty Armor Shoulder Ornament Second Level with Dynastic Essence II.
- Fixed native slaves as no walking npc.
- Fixed Skills Harmony-Symphony of Noblesse, added resistance to crossbow attacks.
- Fixed Skill Servitor Empowerment, added resistance to buff-canceling attacks.
- Fixed Skill Sublime Self-Sacrifice, added mp protection when you become invincible.
- Fixed Skill Spell Turning hit time.
- Fixed Skill Weapon Blockade effect.
- Fixed Sealed Dynasty Shield item type.
- Fixed Skill Wyvern Aegis, added full resistance to buff-canceling attacks.
- Fixed Steal Divinity Reuse Delay according to HB info.
- Fixed all Decoy and Trap.

- NEW DEX UPDATER RELEASED ! DOWNLOAD IT IN ORDER TO CONNECT ! If you have problems with antivirus please check forums .
- Little Fix for Touch of Shilen operate condition.
- Fixed All Traders Npc.
- Fixed hude premium certificate item request.
- Fixed Kief rewards for hellbound stage 8.
- Blacksmith of Mammon Multisell updated.
- Added Shadai Merchant Multisell.
- Updated hellbound monster move desire.
- Fix for cancel ability of Infinity Spear.
- Added Shadai Npc random spawn.
- Hellbound Stage 9 updated.
- Fixed dynasty shield.

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