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Blade and Soul "Storm of Arrows" Patch 6.0

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Blade and Soul "Storm of Arrows" Patch 6.0 Empty Blade and Soul "Storm of Arrows" Patch 6.0

Post by Admin Wed Sep 18, 2019 1:05 am

The Blade and Soul "Storm of Arrows" patch will be life on wednesday approx after 1 pm GMT+1!  cyclops


  • New Zen Archer Class!
    The Zen Archer is a bow-wielding, long-ranged DPS class unique to the Yun and Jin races. Seeking balance and control as they own the battlefield, they are ready to bring down a barrage of destruction on their enemies unlike any other warrior.

  • New (even more) legendary weapons

  • New 6-player dungeon Cathedra Cliffs and new 12-player dungeon Throne of Oblivion.

  • New Items and Systems Updates

  • The Radiant Challenge Event is now available
    Collect Radiant Cores from login rewards, daily challenge and certain dungeon quests.

  • Two new hair styles are now available for male and female characters.

  • Three New ear and tail styles are now available for Lyn race characters.

  • Fixes and skill/balance changes.

Head over to the full patch notes here:


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