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Server Maint / Updates

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Server Maint / Updates Empty Server Maint / Updates

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:47 pm

Server down for Maint till ETA 10 pm GMT+1.

Used the time to add new forum ranks for 1000+ postings. Smile


Updates to be added (note that siege times got changed):

- Fixed attribute resistence cap. Now attributes can decrease or increase damage up to 70% maximum now.
- Little Fix for all skill with resist dispel.
- Fixed summons and pets that cannot attack targets at far then 1000+ distances.
- Fixed steal divinity, stealed buffs dont stack now.
- Fixed herb that before used 2 slot 1 invisible...
- Fixed Npc/Monster follow issue (run fast or block often).
- Fixed message send when "Mana burn" has failed.
- Fixed visual effect for party triggered skill (like counter dash...).
- Fixed Skill Lightning Shock target type.
- Fixed Seed of Revenge abnormal time.
- Fixed Skill Psycho Symphony effect.
- Fixed Skill Pain of Shilen, added wind elemental attacks.
- Fixed Eva's Will, added water elemental attacks.
- Fixed Skill Evade Shot abnormal conflict with Ultimate Evasion.
- Fixed Skill Heroic Berserker, bestows complete resistance to de-buff attacks.
- Added Dynasty Dual Sword Special Ability when enchanted by 4 or more.
- Added water zone to Isle of Prayer.
- Little fix for Scroll of Escape.
- Fixed dynasty shield.

- Fixed Guard Schuttgart with retail HTM.
- Fixed All Warehouse Freightman with retail HTM.
- Fixed Skill Steal Divinity Reuse Delay.
- Little Fix for Skill Sublime Self-Sacrifice.
- Little Fix for Dance of Blade Storm effect.
- Fixed some trigger skills delay to prevent constant bonus
- Fixed Assassination critical rate bonus when using a dagger.
- Slightly increased Dark Curse Effect (Spectral Lord debuff).
- No summon block skill.
- Fixed Hidden First - Second Page cannot be sold or traded.
- Fixed some trigger skills delay to prevent constant bonus.
- Little Fix for Dance of Blade Storm effect.
- Steal divinity fix.
- Demon Contract deposit fix.
- Fixed npcpos budenka.

- Frintezza fix.
Changed Wrath sieges hours to : Saturday at 4PM and Sunday at 8PM (will be changed auto after next sieges)
- Fixed Greater Heal - Greater Group Heal abnormal.
Class Based Match _Min Player Count=5
Class Free Match_ Min Player Count=9
Countdown 60 sec till game start
- Added Skill Disarm - Mass Disarm operate condition.
- Added Skill Dagger Mastery Trigger Abnormal.
- The success rate of stun attack is increased for Blunt Mastery Trigger.


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