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Updates October 2009

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Updates October 2009 Empty Updates October 2009

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 10, 2009 1:04 pm

Kamaels can now join Oly and become a Hero. Smile
Also various Hellbound fixes.
IOP and HB items can be put to warehouse now.
And more..

- Fixed Counter Chance - Rapid Shot - Mind reuse delay to prevent constant bonus.
- Barler fix for alarm npc.
- Fixed ancient tome of demon rewards rate.
- Added ability to deposit into private warehouse variouse Isle of Player & Hellbound Item.
- Fixed kief for stage 7. Now accept life force to raise stage points.
- Fixed Baylor, now use Invulnerability (can be removed with dragon claw).
- Fixed queen Ant for some bug.
- Fixed Baylor not unregister on die.
- Fixed skill attack from behind when target on run.
- Fixed recommendation system for 81-85 levels.
- Fixed Decoy missing missing clan/ally tag image
- Fixed effect for mass ressurection now shown to all clan members (dead and alive)
- Added Triggered skills animation visual effect.
- Fixed bug on display summon when joins in party.
- Added attack attribute effect for skill and item.
- Full rebuilt for defence attribute.
- Kamael characters can become Hero.
- Kamael characters can now participate in Olympiad.

- Fixed Grand Master Rivian (Elf Guild Kamael Village).
- Added block summon for new hellbound zone.
- Fixed chimera.
- Updated Hude with retail dialog and ai.
- Fixed all hellbound npcpos.
- Fixed summon on hellbound.
- Fixed hude multisell.
- Fixed sandstorm monster.
- Updating all html and multisell as retail.
- Fixed adventurer.
- Updating multisell id as retail.
- Fixed multisell missing.
- fixed celtus
- Fixed celtus rewards.
- Fixed All Kamael Village Guard.
- Fixed Frintezza Teleport.
- Fixed Kamael Guild (Kamael Village).
- Fixed Wild Beast Reserve HTM as Retail.
- Hellbound stages update and fix.

- Fixed Frintezza teleporter (2 party inside door, 3 party outside).
- Fixed Attribute Master HTM as retail.
- Fixed Olympiad Ranking HTM.
- Removed Skill Residential Shock Immunity from olympiad forbidden skill.
- Fixed Skill Evade Shot Magic Level.
- Fixed Skill Seal of Binding Chance activate rate.
- Fixed Skill Expose Weak Point Effect.
- Fixed Sublime Self Sacrifice Skill Effects Syntax.
- Fixed Skill Soul Harmony recharge MP for every party member.
- New fix for pet exp table fenrir.
- Trap fix.
- Hellbound stage fix.
- Updated stage 6 Hellbound.
- Fixed Alarm for Baylor.
- Started development for Hellbound Stage 7


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