Fresh updates and a downtime

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Fresh updates and a downtime

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 10, 2009 6:57 pm

Catalin wrote:
updates to be added when there is time :

- Added Skill Stunning Shot New Enchant Route.
- Fixed rate augmentation.
- Added Little Angel - Little Devil
- Fixed augmentation magic type.
- Added Skill Elemental Heal New Enchant Route.
- Fixed Skill Scorn.
- Fixed Skill Shining Edge.
- Fixed Skill Dark Weapon.
- Fixed Skill Increase Power.
- Fixed Skill Diamond Dust.
- Fixed Skill Spread Wing.
- Fixed Skill Soul Gathering.
- updated Tatiana gatekeeper.
- fixed crystal count for some item.
- Fixed Skill Lilim Knight Transformation.
- Fixed Skill Grail Apostle Transformation.
- Added Skill Wind Shackle New Enchant Route.
- Fixed some npcs.(swoop cannon etc)
- Fixed Herb of Life - Herb of Mana Effect.
- trader_mila (Added BM Disarm)
- wondrous cubic fixed. Now ZakenCurse work correct.
- augmentation (fixed all skill clarity).
- Skill acquire:
Fixed Bishop, Elven Elder, Shillien Elder SP
Fixed Bounty Hunter SP
Fixed Warsmith SP
Fixed Paladin SP
Fixed Prophet SP
Fixed Treasure Hunter SP
Fixed Plainswalker SP
Fixed Abyss Walker SP
Fixed Dark Avenger SP
Fixed Temple Knight SP
Fixed Shillien Knight SP
Added Skill Soul Barrier for Arbalester
- Fixed Drop Rate Quest Through the Gate Once More
- Updated all herbs drops.
- Fixed Skill Violent Temper.
- Fixed Skill Disarm.
- Fixed Skill Sacrifice Healer.
- Attribute Master NPC added.
- Fixed Skill Dark Smash Lethal Strike
- Fixed Rate Skill Cancel.
- Fixed Skill Dance of Blade Storm
- Update Skill Force Meditation
- Fixed Skill Shield Stun and enchant route.
- Added Skill Greater Heal New Enchant Route.
- Added Skill Summon Storm Cubic New Enchant Route.
- Fixed Skill Mana Gain
- Fixed Skill Aura Flash.
- Fixed Skill Bleeding Shot.
- Fixed New Life Crystal.
- Fixed Fighter's Will - Archer's Will
- Fixed Skill Lightning Barrier.
- Fixed Skill Cleanse Effect.
- Fixed Iron Shield

Server is currently down for maintenance (Saturday 10th Jan 6:30 pm GMT+1).
Probably this is the time to also install those new updates. Smile
So remember to run Updater.
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