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Post by gold on Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:52 am

Zibo wrote:That are 2 or so D3 icons, yes - they were nice, so like I give a fuck. I will change colors and they will be different. Sue me! Very Happy

Yes, AP is army-wide. Usually 1 AP per unit to make move/move+action. It's the only decision possible, you are not thinking about it deep I guess. Just imagine that every pawn has a move - and you can have as big is the board. It would take infinite time to move all of them.

And read the previous posts you ass! I have a concept of factions that I will start working on pretty soon. Darkness with all undeads, vampires, unholy entities and shit is first.
1. Cool!

2. Ok Cool, if you think it´s fun

3. Cool!!!


Riot, you better not touch Ionian Boots of Lucidity's stats!

riot you better touch everything aaaaah.. yeah right there... Magic Sword - Page 5 3918553942

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