Blade and Soul Patch 2.6 is life

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Blade and Soul Patch 2.6 is life

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 05, 2016 7:16 pm

The Ebondrake Citadel Patch 2.6 is life!

Patch changes:

  • The Ebondrake citadel, a new HM8+ endgame dungeon
  • The Tower of Memory event which can be joined by any character level 16+
  • Arena spectator mode
  • Gem Transmute Changes
  • Global accessory upgrade cost reduction
  • Enhancement of arena rewards
  • Lot of skill enhancements and rebalancing
  • End of whirlwind valley event and season, seasonal rewards have been distributed
  • End of arena (mid-season)
  • End of ToI season

Read the full letter here:


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